Who we are

MMID is an international product development agency with over 75 employees based across four locations in the Netherlands and Germany. We are convinced that flourishing people are the basis for developing excellent and responsible products. Products developed by MMID have a long lifespan, they are profitable and valuable to all that interact with them.


We are convinced that flourishing people are the basis for developing excellent and responsible products. Products developed by MMID have a long lifespan, they are profitable and valuable to all that interact with them.

We want to build close relationships with people who are eager to develop these products with us: our staff, customers and our suppliers.

This mutual commitment will ensure growth: as a professional organization, as a team and as individuals. We expect our people and partners to be willing to cooperate, grow and to share their knowledge, expertise and passion.


MMID is all about organized cooperation.

At MMID we ensure that people cooperate, within our clusters and offices, and with our customers. MMID is an organization working with specialists in different fields of expertise. It means that all our product development projects are handled in multidisciplinary teams. This way of working ensures a very high-quality level of our results.

At MMID we organize our workload into clusters that connect the different offices, which means our projects are managed in these clusters instead of in the offices. Clusters enable us to work international, without boundaries and they enable us to find the right person for the job.

MMID is a steered bottom up creative firm with a solid structured base.

The successful completion of a product development project is done by a well-trained team. We train our employees to plan their activities, make decisions and be responsible for their actions. The direction is given, the execution is managed by themselves.

By offering our creatives a structured process we make sure there is more time for our employees to focus on being creative. This process is called the MMID Product Innovation Process: PIP. Based on our experience/learnings of the last 25 years we have developed this process; it helps us to manage the risks and control our projects. With PIP, we have a firm grip on product development.

MMID stands for achieving value together.

Our product development service is much more than creating drawings and prototypes. It is based on collaboration with our customers, we need their expertise to be able to excel. Being open minded, being able to listen and connect with others is crucial to collaborate. 

In this cooperation, we make sure the different disciplines, work together as early as possible, not only at MMID but also at our customers end.


MMID strongly believes in integrated product development, in which the different disciplines work together as one. We deliver this unique product development service to global orientated customers.

The products that we develop differentiate themselves from others by functioning extremely well, not only in terms of their functionality, but also based on their usability. Humans and their behavior play a central role in our product development philosophy. With our integrated approach, we help our clients realizing those excellent products. By doing so we made sure that, by far, most of the projects that we started were successfully introduced into the market.


Our team

Collaboration is the foundation of our way of working.  Internal collaboration between specialists from various disciplines, who understand each other and respect each other’s vision, and above all, collaboration with our customer. That’s why we say: togetthere.

  • Johannes Welsch

    Manager Ulm | Innovation Consultant
  • Anja Behlau

    Business Development & Support
  • Marcel Plug

    Designer Look & Feel
  • Thomas Brahe

    Designer Look & Feel
  • Maaike Zonnenberg Sprangers

    Project Manager
  • Jonas Claudy

    Manager Lübeck | Innovation Consultant
  • Scott Hoekstra

    Designer Functionality
  • Ragnhild Albers

    Designer Look & Feel
  • Torsten Hindersin

    Designer Functionality
  • Bas Boon

    Designer Functionality
  • Monique Langstraat – Vaders

    Manager Finance & Control
  • Diana Sanches

    HR Advisor
  • Michaela Vogt

    Office & Project Support
  • Sylvia Riteco

    Project Manager
  • Jan Schumacher

    Designer Producibility
  • Eduard Engelsman

    Designer Functionality
  • Jeroen Oomen

    Designer Producibility
  • Oscar Toetenel

    Designer Functionality
  • Tom Delfos

    Director Sales & Finance
  • Kuno Buchtal

    Designer Functionality
  • Bastiaan Soltesz

    Manager Delft | Innovation Consultant
  • André Janowicz

    Designer Electronics
  • Maurice Lucas

    ICT Specialist
  • Eric van der Voort

    Designer Producibility
  • Kasper van der Wiel

    Designer Functionality
  • Ingo Michelmann

    Designer Look & Feel
  • Wilmer van Kampen

    Designer Producibility
  • Nynke Daane

    Sales Support
  • Chris Weel

    Designer Look & Feel
  • Marcel Magermans

    Founding Director
  • Max Reimann

    Designer Functionality
  • Matthias Körber

    Innovation Consultant
  • Rik van den Ende

    Designer Functionality
  • Mieke van Deursen

    Office Assistant
  • Jaap Fijn

    Owner | Technical Director Quality & Integration Specialist
  • Stefan Klocke

    Designer Producibility
  • Lieke Blom

    Project support
  • Tom Kieboom

    Designer Producibility
  • Floris Kortekaas

    Designer Producibility
  • Tülin Kaya

    Support Finance & Control
  • Christof Paul

    Designer Look & Feel
  • Steven Nijenhuis

    Designer Producibility
  • Danker Kemper

    Designer Producibility
  • Klaas-Jan Veltman

    Account Manager
  • Tim Traas

    Designer Producibility
  • Benedict Hartmann

    Designer Functionality
  • Fedor Kadiks

    Project Manager
  • Marwa Basher

    Project Support
  • Tijs Driessen

    Designer Producibility
  • Rens Droogendijk

    Designer Functionality
  • Jennifer Hueskes

    Designer Producibility
  • Maria Winter

    Designer Functionality
  • Cordula Wozniak

    Designer Producibility
  • Godalin Harshagen

    Designer Functionality
  • Barry Marrewijk

    Project Manager
  • Caspar Steenhuijsen

    Owner | Managing Director
  • Tjeerd Gerbranda

    Designer Functionality
  • Lotte Dijkgraaf

    Business Development & Support
  • Mitrut Ilie

    Designer Functionality
  • Teatske Greijdanus

    Designer Graphics
  • Fabian Bergner

    Designer Producibility
  • Jiaji Zhao

    Designer Look & Feel
  • Victor Luijk

    Designer Producibility
  • Stefanie Ganter

    Assistant Finance & Control
  • Johan Veltman

    Designer Electronics