November 15, 2017

Design for logistics

The world of logistics is changing rapidly. New technologies, regulations and trends like smart tags, robotics and the Internet of Things ensure that entrepreneurs are continuously innovating. And it is not always easy.  By changing one element in the logistic supply chain, it could have an enormous impact on the other elements in the chain....
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Sustainability equals cost price

“Sustainable products are expensive”, is something you hear very often. In fact, the opposite is true. It’s no rocket science. Less material, less electronics, less assembly time and smaller transport volumes are very likely to have a positive effect on the cost price and thus to the business case. Curious how we can help you to...
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Tool for self-catheterization

Unfortunately, there is a large number of women that for various reasons are unable to empty their bladder independently. This problem can be caused by neurological afflictions, such as multiple sclerosis (MS) or spinal injury. It can also occur after extremely prolonged labor, or when the bladder, by whatever cause, is not emptied (urinary retention)....
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