Building management system for Priva: multidisciplinary

MMID is celebrating its 25th anniversary.  In honor of this anniversary, every month we will ask one of our team members to select a project that to them symbolizes the last 25 years. Kasper van der Wiel, Designer Functionality at MMID, chooses the development of a building management system for non-residential buildings for Priva.


In 2010, MMID won a pitch organized by Priva, developer of total solutions for climate control systems for non-residential buildings. That was the start of an intensive integral collaborative partnership between MMID, Priva, and Prodrive, with the aim of developing a building management system. MMID was first asked to help think about the conceptual construction of the system, consisting of a backplate with separate, smart modules. Soon after, MMID was involved in the realization of the system, focusing on the development of the casing. The collaboration was executed in three phases, with intensive contact with both Priva and electronics producer Prodrive.

Utterly Integral

Kasper: “I selected this project because it taught me so much about integral product development. Suddenly we weren’t doing product development like we were used to doing it at MMID, but we were involved in a close collaboration between various disciplines: mechanics, electronics, and software. I learned to take a broader view of things. It was a complex project, and  MMID was only a small cog in the wheel. MMID wasn’t always the one making the right integral choices for the project. When you are involved in a multidisciplinary  collaboration, you have to be able to trust the expertise of the other entirely. It’s about the interplay between give and take, always keeping the end goal of a great product in mind.”

Kasper: “When you are involved in a multidisciplinary  collaboration, you have to be able to trust the expertise of the other entirely.”

Speaking the same language

This project made us realize that if we want to practice true integral development, we have to understand the other disciplines better. We had to learn to speak the language of developers in other disciplines. I remember one day standing next to the Priva project manager, who was talking to one of the software specialists. I stood there for 15 minutes and, for the life of me, I could not understand what they were on about. Seven years on, we have our own electronics and software discipline.

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