MMID is celebrating its 25th birthday. In honor of this anniversary, every month we will ask one of our team members to select a project that symbolizes the last 25 years to them. Bastiaan Soltész, Managing Director of the Delft branch, talks about the redesign of the X3, a professional tanning bed for VDL Hapro bv.

VDL Hapro bv is a producer of tanning beds and rooftop cargo carriers. MMID and Hapro have been collaborating for many years. By taking advantage of the strengths of each partner, it was possible to realize a product line of tanning beds that stands out due to its ergonomic and innovative design. After the development of a new line of tanning beds, Hapro approached MMID in 2008 for the redevelopment of the existing X3 model.

Bas: “The assignment was to get the X3 in line with the tanning beds from the series we had developed for Hapro previously, to ensure the bed would be a better fit for the professional market, with limited means and retention of existing technical parts.”

“It is possible to realize massive impact with limited means.”

The baby brother

“Back then the X3 was the base model for the professional market, but it had the look of a consumer model. The top plate existed of three separate parts, which we reduced to one vacuum molded part. Not only did that make the top plate much sturdier, but it also helped to fit it into the series. We also did work on the underside of the bed. The existing X3 stood on a minimal support, and by enlarging the bottom of the bed, it looked much more robust which is more suitable for a bed aimed at the professional market. In the end, we managed to create a tanning bed with limited means, that fit the Harpo design to a tee. The previously developed X5, X7 and X10 models now have a baby brother.”