Extractor unit for Itho Daalderop

MMID is celebrating its 25th birthday. In honor of this anniversary, every month we will ask one of our team members to select a project that symbolizes the last 25 years to them. Jaap Fijn, one of the owners of MMID, talks about the development of an extractor unit for Itho Daalderop.

Jaap: “I don’t need much time to think this one over. To me, the Advance we developed together with Itho Daalderop is one of the most remarkable projects. It symbolizes exactly what MMID is known for: excelling by cooperation. By working together and using each other’s expertise you are able to develop excellent products.”


Jaap: “Itho Daalderop asked us to develop a balanced extractor unit for the British market. Air technology is quite complex.  In the last couple of years, we have developed several heat recovery systems and gained insights in the way air is moving in a device, but the engineers at Itho Daalderop are the true specialists in this area. By combining their expertise with our specific knowledge of different materials and production techniques, it is easy to come up with an excellent design. Off course it is very important that you respect each other’s expertise and trust each other in the decisions that are made.”

Decision making

“It is not always easy to make decisions. Especially when there are different stakeholders involved in a project. If you want to design efficiently, you need to be able to make decisions at the right moment. It is not a matter of compromising, because that will not lead to an excellent product. You need to be able to calculate the risks and find out which demands have the highest priority and base your decisions on this. In this project, together with our customer we managed to do this very well.”

Jaap Fijn: “If you want to design efficiently, you need to be able to make decisions at the right moment.”

Different view

Jaap: “Obviously designing always comes with a certain risk. Sometimes you make a wrong choice and you keep looking for a solution that just is not there. You really need to learn to look at your design from another perspective. Basically, you need to stop doing what you are doing at that moment. Because you are running towards a dead-end street. The sooner you find out, the better, because usually the solution can be found just around the corner. In this case we were looking for a solution for the positioning of the motor in a closed design. One of the most important demands was the serviceability of the motor. In a short brainstorm session with Itho Daalderop’s ventilation specialists we looked at the design from different angle. The motor and electronics are now placed in a separate module that can be easily removed from the product. Sometimes it is necessary to have small loops. Fortunately, our product development process is well equipped for this.”

New category

Jaap: “By combining our strengths, we succeeded in developing a very efficient machine in a short lead time, within the product cost price requirements. The product uses so little energy, the British standard SAP-appendix Q- classification had to be provided with a new category for product registration. That makes me extremely proud!”.