MMID is celebrating its 25th anniversary. In honor of this, we will ask one of our team members every month to select a project that to them symbolizes the last 25 years. Nils Müller, Geschäftsführer or Managing Director of MMID GmbH, talks about the development of Sielcup, the hot drinks vending machine for Sielaff.

Family company  Sielaff in Bavaria is a leading producer of sustainable vending solutions and market leader in Germany. To further strengthen their competitive position, Sielaff wanted to introduce a new and improved machine in a short time frame, and in 2012 they asked MMID to help.

Ambitious target

Nils: “After an intense pitch process, Sielaff chose to partner with MMID. The assignment was clear. Introduce the machine onto the market within a year, plus the realization of a significant reduction cost. An ambitious target that we regarded as a great challenge to take on. By then we had a solid team set up in Essen, with highly motivated designers. And of course, we were working closely with the team in Delft, which made quick communication very easy.”

Setting up a framework together

“To bring a project of this size to a positive conclusion within such a short lead time, it’s important to explicitly formalize the framework of the project together with the client. Clearly formulating parameters helps you to make quick and efficient choices during the project. Besides that, you’ll need excellent planning skills and a clear division of roles and responsibilities. And you have to keep each other sharp. A wrong choice will cause loops, and that delays the process. We couldn’t afford for that to happen. “

Eliminating risk

“Our strategy was to remove risk from the project as soon as we could. One of the bottlenecks in the project was the transport of the cups. Soon after proof of concept, we flew to China to test the first-out-of-tools, until we got it right.”

Close to the client

“Besides closely cooperating with the mold maker and other key suppliers, our designers worked at the Sielaff offices to further develop the machine and set up the assembly process together with the Sielaff project manager and engineers. We also went to southern Germany to discuss the progress of the project with the entire team. In part due to the collaboration with Sielaff, we eventually set up an MMID branch in Ulm. To work together better, you need to be close to your client.”

Nils: “Trust is the foundation for cooperation.”

Nils “To me, the unique thing about this project is that Sielaff fully trusted us from the get-go. The intensive and equal collaboration made it possible for them to introduce the new machine within a year.”