A decade of collaboration: Priva and MMID

Over the last 10 years, Priva and MMID have developed a valuable partnership. Priva is a company that offers solutions for horticulture and building automation using leading-edge technology. An important trend where Priva wants to respond to is data-driven products that create more substantiated processes.

After all these years it is good to reflect on our partnership, we had an interesting talk with Patrick Dankers (Product manager Horticultural control applications at Priva) and Rachid El Masoudj (Vice President Product Development) in which we asked them about their experiences of previous collaborations and how MMID is of value to them.

At MMID we believe that product development starts at the end-user. Together with Priva, we established a great understanding of what their customers want and how we can help refine and develop Priva’s hardware products.

Patrick mentioned we create value for Priva by delivering a total and feasible product. This product is not only functional and working, but usability is taken into account as well. As a result, the product is intuitive to use for first time users. Additionally, MMID makes a difference in terms of appearance in combination with functionality.

Our structured product development methodology called the Product Innovation Process (PIP) is a key success factor here. This step by step approach leads to better control of time, money, quality, and project and product success. At the beginning of the process, we do not focus on too many solutions, but we start at the problem. Starting at the core of the problem enables us to fully understand all the functionalities Priva needs in its product, and make sure they how to bring this together. The next step in the PIP methodology is Product Definition, where we present multiple concept ideas to Priva. This enriches the creative flow and challenges the client to think integrally.

How do we (MMID) make a difference for Priva? Rachid says, “I think it has to do with the structured process that you have, where you try to come up with as few solutions as possible at the beginning, but really start from the problem.”

What we like to see in our partnerships is that we complement each other. In this collaboration, Priva is the expert in the field of horticulture and building automation and we compliment their team with our expert knowledge of product development. Within the product development process, we are able to focus on different aspects depending on our clients’ needs.

It is great to see how the collaboration with Priva developed into an enduring valuable partnership for both over the past 10 years.

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