A future-proof, modular heating system

Size does matter

Solvis GmbH, a German manufacturer of heating systems and solar panels, approached MMID to support them to develop the ‘baby brother’ of their popular heating system SolvisMax. The result is SolvisBen, an innovative, future-proof, modular heating system.




The main challenge was to reduce the SolvisMax to a third of its size. The idea was to create the housing of the product out of Expanded Polypropylene (EPP), a material which is easy to shape and takes care of isolation as well. Therefore, Solvis partnered up with EPP specialist HSV. It was our job to develop a robust sheet metal construction that supports everything that is assembled to the boiler. It had to be a modular construction, making the product suitable for different set-ups, like oil, gas and solar powered energy. We managed to put a lot of functionality into only four sheet metal parts. It’s not modular in a way that you can exchange parts, but the product was designed in such a way that you are able to assemble every component in every desired position.


Easy to service

Serviceability was of course another important requirement. The product needs to be accessible to multiple users. We created a construction with layered doors that provides access to different layers of maintenance. The first layer shows only the basic settings to the end-user. If you open the door, you will access the next layer which enables technicians to access the main pcb to connect electronics, add sensors or to do maintenance. Finally, you will get to the core of the product which contains the hardware.



In several productive and efficient workshops with Solvis, HSV and other suppliers, we aligned the different aspects of the design, which led to a very successful product that was introduced to the market in a short lead time.