MMID expands to Providence, USA

I’m Marco Cross, innovation manager for MMID USA. We just opened our brand-new office in Providence, Rhode Island. About two years ago, my wife Sarah and I moved to Providence because we realized that Rhode Island’s capitol is replete with that which we care about most: vibrant and diverse communities filled with intensely creative people...
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Support stand for mobile X-ray equipment

To ensure horses stay in tiptop shape, they are regularly monitored by veterinarians that specialize in these animals. These checkups often include X-rays. Together with Podoblock, MMID has developed a mobile support stand for mobile X-ray equipment, the JiXtr, that enables veterinarians to take photos on site safely, quickly and with ease.
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MMID Drager MMID Awards Oxylog

The Dräger Oxylog VE300 won a Red Dot Award

We proudly announce that the Dräger Oxylog VE300 has won a Red Dot award! We helped Dräger develop the Oxylog – which is the first emergency ventilator with an integrated oxygen cylinder. Our managers Nils (Essen) and Bas (Delft) with the Dräger team About the Dräger Oxylog VE300 In emergency situations, first responders have to...
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