Marco Cross

The Best of CES 2019: A Different Perspective

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is now over. For those in the know, it needs little introduction other than to say that it rivals Sin City itself in the sheer number of flashing lights and glitz that it illuminates over a four day period in January. Interestingly, for all of the hype...
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Predicting Future Design and Production Trends: The Cabinet of Curiosities as an Indicator of What Comes Next

Mark Twain is famously (and perhaps erroneously) quoted as saying something to effect of: “History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.” MMID is in the business of predicting the future. Our clients hire us to build out their product lines, create new products, or iterate on their tried-and-true methodologies. When doing so, we often...
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No More Coins: Internet of Things (IoT) Parking Meters and the Power of Innovation

From where I sit, I look out over a long downtown street in the heart of Providence. The far side of the street is flanked with parking meters and omni-present urban ginkgo trees. These parking meters are a lot like parking meters everywhere else: the displays on these meters blink happily away as the sun...
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You’ve Been Lied to by Everyone (3D Printing Clickbait)

You’ve likely experienced content extolling the wonders of 3D printing and the supposed manufacturing revolution that it portends. Early reports from some of the larger 3D printer companies suggested that at a non-specified date in the near future every single home would have a printer capable of producing a myriad of common place objects rendering...
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