Anouk Vanwersch

The benefit of a development partner

 Some of our clients have huge R&D departments. The questions is, why would a company with, let’s say 30 engineers that each have their own expertise and years of experience in their market area, partner up with a product development agency, like MMID? What is the benefit of hiring an external party? Christof Paul, Look...
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Together with MMID in the hot tub

Often there are enough ideas for new developments and innovations. But how to translate them to a strategic product development vision for the future? Maaike Zonnenberg, Innovation Strategy Specialist and Project Manager at MMID, explains how to create the basis of a concrete product development vision for your company with a strategic workshop lasting just...
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Three product launches at the VSK fair

The VSK fair will take place in Utrecht, The Netherlands, from 6-9 February. It is the most important trade fair for installation technologies in The Netherlands, where you can find new systems, techniques and products in the field of heating, plumbing, climate control and refrigeration technology.
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Running towards 2018

We are looking back at a wonderful year with many highlights, like our charity relay run from Essen to Delft and celebrating our 25th anniversary with friends and families at the beach. It was a great pleasure working with you in the past year and we are looking forward to realize many more inspiring projects...
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25 years of MMID: incubator for Dräger Medical

MMID is celebrating its 25th birthday. In honor of this anniversary, every month we will ask one of our team members to select a project that symbolizes the last 25 years to them. Oscar Toetenel, Functionality Designer at MMID, talks about the development of the award-winning incubator for Dräger Medical. Partnership of five years In...
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Design for logistics

The world of logistics is changing rapidly. New technologies, regulations and trends like smart tags, robotics and the Internet of Things ensure that entrepreneurs are continuously innovating. And it is not always easy.  By changing one element in the logistic supply chain, it could have an enormous impact on the other elements in the chain....
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Tool for self-catheterization

Unfortunately, there is a large number of women that for various reasons are unable to empty their bladder independently. This problem can be caused by neurological afflictions, such as multiple sclerosis (MS) or spinal injury. It can also occur after extremely prolonged labor, or when the bladder, by whatever cause, is not emptied (urinary retention)....
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25 years of MMID

MMID is celebrating its 25th birthday. In honor of this anniversary, every month we will ask one of our team members to select a project that symbolizes the last 25 years to them. Caspar Steenhuijsen, one of the owners of MMID, talks about the development of hearing glasses for Varibel. Hearing-impaired people with hearing aids...
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Testing Dräger’s mobile emergency ventilator

Check this breathtaking video about the testing of the mobile ventilator Oxylog VE 300 MMID developed together with Dräger. Learn more about the project.  
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Sponsoring new talent

Giving young, enthusiastic and talented people, who are bursting with energy and have a clear goal, a chance to develop themselves, is something very important to MMID. Outside MMID there are many of these youngsters, including those in sports. MMID sponsors several of these ambitious young people. Talented people like Sietske Visser, who studies Industrial...
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