The benefit of a development partner

Inspiring MEYRA for their Smart S active wheelchair

 Some of our clients have huge R&D departments. The questions is, why would a company with, let’s say 30 engineers that each have their own expertise and years of experience in their market area, partner up with a product development agency, like MMID? What is the benefit of hiring an external party? Christof Paul, Look & Feel designer at MMID, explains about the development of an active wheelchair together with MEYRA.



MEYRA is one of the world’s best-known manufacturers of wheelchairs and suppliers of rehabilitation aids. All products are being developed by a very experienced team of engineers. The company invited MMID to support their engineering team with the development of their new active wheelchair. Christof: “Our main role was synchronizing the look & feel and high complexity of the product. You can imagine that developing a lightweight, foldable wheelchair can be challenging. In this case the specialists at the client know everything about developing the perfect wheelchair. But, like in each project, there are different stakeholders with different needs. So, what we did, is bringing them all together to align their wishes. We invited end-users, marketeers, engineers, product managers, suppliers, engineers, designers and even the higher management for a workshop in which we challenged everyone to look at the product from a different perspective. Which has lead a lot of new insights.”

Successful introduction at the Rehacare

Christof: “We took the design up to a certain level, supplying MEYRA with several concepts on which they elaborated. MEYRA’s engineering department managed to develop the wheelchair in a short lead time of 6 months only. Right on time for introduction at the Rehacare fair. We inspired Meyra to look at their products in a different way. The Smart S active wheelchair allows disabled people to be mobile and independent and aligns wishes and needs of all insights in a new look and feel. That’s what makes me tick as a designer.”