Trotec AirGo Clean One – professional air purifyer Best in the market air purifier developed within one year lead time

Trotec AirGo Clean One – professional air purifyer

Developing a best in the market professional air purifier within a year

Trotec International came to MMID for development of a next gen air purifier. They wanted higher performance in removal of bacteria, viruses, mold spores, pollen, dust, VOCs, and more. They wanted 5-star user ratings. Together, we created the AirGo Clean One.

Product success is ultimately decided by its users. From beginning to end, this is what great product development is all about. It requires a thorough understanding of the users and stakeholders right from the start.

At MMID, we always say to each other: ‘You are not the user!’ That’s a reminder to validate even the most seemingly obvious assumptions about the user. We continuously ask ourselves, ‘what does a typical user’s workflow look like? How would they react to certain features? What hassles and/or frustrations they might experience?’

The Airgo Clean One is targeted for use by a variety of users in various environments.  This means that a diversity of user behavior had to be considered and understood.

Predicted user behaviors were thoroughly tested with target groups using prototypes and models.

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