An eye on Electronics

Electronics and cost control

Although almost every product contains electric components, the effects of having these components used to be overlooked in the development process. This sometimes lead to some unexpected surprises at end of the process. This was the reason that MMID made Electronics one of their seven core Field of expertise’s. Electronics Designer Mark Verlinde: “Integrating electronics and software in an early stage of the development process enables us to realize a significant effect on the cost price and usability of a product.”

“If you are really into integrated product development – MMID’s core philosophy – you literally need to be at the table with all experts from different field of expertise’s from the beginning of each project. Which means that you need to think about the best solutions of electronics and software in the early concept phase of a design”, explains Mark. “Often this is not the case and people start thinking about electronics in the later stages of the process, when the larger part of the functionality of the product is already defined. By doing so you miss the opportunity to really find smart solutions”.

Heat transfer
Space claim, power consumption and heat transfer all influence the detailing of a product. “In electronics development heat extraction is always a challenge. The trick is to integrate this cleverly in the product housing, without adding additional elements”, Mark explains as an example. “If you do not think of this in advance, you will be confronted with adjustments and additional costs, resulting in a more expensive product.

The Electronics discipline is a perfect interaction between software, electronics and mechanical engineering. “By consciously calculating the consequences of a choice between a mechanical or electronical solution, you can reach a significant lower cost price”, Mark continues. MMID is often approached by clients that have electronics related questions. “There is a huge need for specialist knowledge of electronics, even with clients that have this knowledge inhouse. For our clients, it is often difficult to embed the electronics and software development in their development process. Usually these departments are working separately. MMID’s motto is: achieving value together. By working together, we are able to find smarter solutions, resulting in a better business case”