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MMID develops award-winning medical products that people love to use. Three decades of experience has led to a proven track-record that stands out. Our Product Innovation Process makes sure projects are deliverd on time and within budget, without compromising on quality. Our highly skilled consultants, designers and engineers are ready to fast-track the development of your next medical product. 

Achieving value together

What we do

MMID is an international product development agency with over 75 employees based across five locations in the Netherlands, Germany and the United States. We are convinced that flourishing people are the basis for developing excellent and responsible products. Products developed by MMID have a long lifespan, are profitable and valuable to all that interact with them.

With our integrated approach, we help our clients realize these excellent products. Making the function of a product the center of attention, we can guarantee that our products are very easy to use, durable and therefor extremely sustainable. By working closely together with our clients and combining strengths of specialists we create products that make people flourish: achieving value together.


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Project management

Cooperation is one of the most important factors for a successful project. We assign two contact points: the project manager and the content owner, both with many years of experience in multidisciplinary product development and the complex issues associated with it.

Design strategy

It is often necessary to translate market data from the client into images, to check whether all stakeholders have the same expectations. To create good understanding of the brand identity and brand experience, MMID works with the Product Identity Tool.

Concept development

In close cooperation with the clients MMID develops and visualizes the end goal, so all concerned have the same result in mind during the process. Ideas are generated and visualized. MMID specialists check how users will experience the product, and the needs of the stakeholders are further described.

Detailing and engineering

In the phase of ‘detailing and engineering’ the concept design will be worked out completely, taking all technical aspects into account. The product is defined and unambiguously recorded in detail.


We work with final suppliers so that when the finishing touches are made, the product remains feasible. A concrete and tested product will be released for final validation. Through testing MMID optimizes the product so it will be ready for production.

Electronics development

By integrating electronics and software in the early stages of the product development process we accomplish a significant effect on the production price and usability of a product. the electronics designers of MMID operate in the field where electronics, mechanics, functionality and user interaction come together.

Graphics & GUI

Our designers are responsible for a clear, visual communication that ties concept, navigation, structure, images, and typography together. We create an identity that underlines the product and fits perfectly in the branding of the client.

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