Every summer, the international community of cycling professionals gathers in the southern German town of Friedrichshafen for the Eurobike Show. Exhibitors from all over the world will present their new products and services. MMID will be there as an experienced partner in the development of bicycle parts. Recently, MMID has developed the casings of several E-bike motors for Bergamont, and these will launch during Eurobike.

Stefan Wallmann, Product Designer Bergamont: “MMID and Bergamont speak the same language. Our vision, to see the e-bike as a whole instead of as a mix of different parts, like a drive unit, an engine cover, a power tube, was definitely adopted by MMID. The developed cover designs make a significant contribution to the unification of engine and frame design.”

The cycling industry is a dynamic market. Every year, the major bicycle brands present a new version of their models. This puts a fair amount of pressure on the designers and demands a high rate of development. “And at MMID, we are used to switching gears quickly,” says project manager Jonas Claudy. Bergamont Fahrrad Vertrieb – a major player in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland – approached MMID for the design of three casings for the bicycle motors of a new line of E-bikes.

Integral approach

“Besides MMID’s expertise in the area of plastics, they liked our integral approach: we can think like designers, but we also have the knowledge of engineers,” says Jonas. “The fundamental idea of this project was to extend the design language of the bicycle frame to the cover of the E-bike motor. We have also improved functionality. The new cover has a simpler cable routing and one less plastic part, which resulted in a significant cost reduction and made it much easier to perform maintenance on the E-bike motor.”

Great connection

For the first two casings, it took four months to go from initial sketches to the delivery of the CAD files. The third housing – a later, separate assignment – was delivered in two months. “We have a great connection with Bergamont. This young and innovative company puts quality first, and we can deliver that quality quickly, meaning we can achieve high efficiency together,” says Jonas. The new Bergamont bikes, including covers, will be presented for the first time during Eurobike.

Jonas von der Horst, Product Engineer Bergamont:“For us, engineering and product design go hand in hand. Our revolutionary Universal Chassis concept, which is a platform idea that covers all models, is both technically and optically a new bench-mark. The engine cover, which was designed in cooperation with MMID, supports this claim, both from a functional and an aesthetic point of view.”

Meet & Greet

If you are interested in what MMID can do for you, please make an appointment with one of our Innovation Consultants at Eurobike.

More info on Eurobike on eurobike-show.com.