MMID UX Whitepaper

A collection of essential tools and methods to improve user experience of laboratory equipment.

Over the years, we have noticed that user experience is often a forgotten part of the development process of laboratory equipment. Most of the time the focus is on the technical aspects. When focusing on the end-user’s mind and the expectations, you enhance usability, accessibility, and pleasure while using your product. This is an opportunity to differentiate you from your competitors.

Getting UX right

User experience goes far beyond a proper GUI and ergonomics. It is about all users in order to optimize the entire workflow. A better workflow means higher output, more engagement, a lower risk of mistakes, less dependency on the skill level of users, etc. Thinking integrated here is making the difference to get the maximum out of it.

Our designers use this UX whitepaper when developing a new product and in this way maintain a desired level of quality. Feel free to use this whitepaper in your designing process.


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