New employee in Ulm

Meet Marwa Basher

Marwa grew up in Damascus in Syria. After finishing her marketing studies, Marwa worked for Nestlé for two years, until she had to leave the country in October 2015, because it just wasn’t safe for her anymore. We are very happy that Marwa has found her way to the Ulm office, where she is now a valued team member of MMID, supporting the Content Owners.


Marwa: “My name is Marwa Basher. In 2015 I left Syria, to start a new life in Germany. I am very excited about writing an article for the newsletter of MMID to introduce myself. I studied business administration in Damascus with a focus on marketing. After having finished my studies I worked as a marketeer for Nestlé for two years and at a logistics firm, until I had to leave Syria. I reached Germany in October 2015. Within nine months I managed to learn the German language on B2 level. My first priorities were to be able to earn my own money and to improve my German. Therefor I worked at a restaurant and as a volunteer at a child care center.  In the meanwhile, I passed my exams at the Chamber of Commerce. At that point MMID approached me. The people of the Chamber of Commerce informed me that an international company, based in Ulm, was very interested in meeting me.


I am working for MMID for three months now. My job is to support the Content Owners with their administrative tasks. What II really like about MMID, is the bottom-up approach. Meaning all team members are in charge of their own planning. Although I am from another part of the world, people are not treating me differently at MMID. I am like everyone else in the company, which means that I can make mistakes and learn from them, that I have my own responsibilities and can make my own planning. Marcel Magermans, director of MMID, explained to me: “We help people to make their own decisions”.  This is something that I have never experienced before working at other companies. In the past three months I learned a lot from my colleagues, thanks to the MMID Academy. Every month I meet up with the project support team in The Netherlands. I don’t mind travelling, because I know that there is a wonderful apartment waiting for me in the city center of Delft, next to the office. At MMID, people get the opportunity to explore their talents. Everyone gets a chance to develop themselves. My goal is to improve my language skills, so I might be able to work for the marketing department.


I grew up in a country that is torn apart by war and terrorism. I had to leave Syria for Germany, bringing my knowledge and experience along, like many other refugees do. I got the opportunity to work for a company like MMID and I sure hope that my fellow citizens will get the same chance. This could benefit all!”