The Dräger Oxylog VE300 won a Red Dot Award

The Dräger Oxylog VE300 won a Red Dot

We proudly announce that the Dräger Oxylog VE300 has won a Red Dot award! We helped Dräger develop the Oxylog – which is the first emergency ventilator with an integrated oxygen cylinder.

MMID Drager MMID Awards Oxylog
Our managers Nils (Essen) and Bas (Delft) with the Dräger team

About the Dräger Oxylog VE300
In emergency situations, first responders have to be able to quickly and easily ventilate their patients. Even so, they often chose manual ventilation, because the existing ventilation device was too heavy, cumbersome and complicated to use. Together with MMID, Dräger developed a new generation of emergency ventilators that is more easily transportable and straightforward to use, but sturdy enough to survive emergency situations. Oxygen cylinder, hose and ventilation unit have been integrated into a handy, mobile device. The starting point for the design was a handle attached to the oxygen cylinder, in which all the engineering and controls are integrated.

Read the case about the Oxylog


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