Develop a new product range, fitting the Flamco brand identity, with which the dependence upon brass and its price fluctuations will be reduced.


Flamco approached MMID to support the development of a new product range. With this, the company wants to reduce its dependence upon brass and therefore minimalize its exposure to price fluctuations. After careful research the decision was made to replace the brass as much as possible with plastics. This new generation is more efficient and has less resistance. The flow resistance is negligibly low. In addition MMID was able to integrate the horizontal and vertical variants into one product, which increases the ease of installation. MMID made a good indication and calculation of the cost price upfront and stayed below these targets. MMID and Flamco worked the whole into an innovative and manufacturable product which is less dependent upon the increasing price of brass. With this hybrid series, Flamco is the first on the market with products made of high-quality plastics, while maintaining ease of use and functionality.

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