Develop a compact and user-friendly battery pack and docking station for e-bikes.


Accell Group is leader in the field of innovative and green, consumer-centric mobility solutions for short and middle distances, active recreation and sports. The main business of  the Accell Group is the production and sale of high-quality bicycles, bicycle parts and accessories.

Achieving value together

Our role

Together with the Accell Group, MMID developed several high-quality bicycle parts. In this case a compact, stylized battery pack that can very easily be removed from and placed into a bicycle frame.





Project description

MMID developed a dynamic battery pack and docking station which are integrated in the Accell Group e-bikes’ luggage carriers. In this case it concerned the optimization of a battery pack that is placed vertically into the frame. Besides several functional problems that had to be solved, the focus was mostly on improving the user-friendliness.



User friendly

By moving a couple of important components, such as the plug and the charger connection to the upper side, the battery pack is a lot easier to remove and the susceptibility to malfunctions has decreased. The charger connection has been neatly covered by a rubber surface, which also gives the user better grip when changing the battery pack.


Together with BMZ, a system provider and specialist for intelligent battery solutions, a new configuration was developed for the battery cells. By positioning them in a clever way, more battery cells could be fit into the available space, which makes the new pack significantly more powerful.

"Powerful partnership with BMZ"

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