Develop a user friendly Chocomel machine in the recognizable styling of the brand Chocomel.


MMID, in close cooperation with Friesland Campina and machinery designer Aequator developed a very user friendly Chocomel machine for hot chocolate. In this project, MMID had a consultancy role. MMID offered technical support during the development of the machine and watched over the bigger picture by structuring the development process with the Product Innovation Process. Friesland Campina and MMID have fully integrated the form of the machine into the recognisable styling of ‘the real one’. During user testing prior to the market introduction, the machine scored an average of 9 out of 10 judged on styling, user friendliness, cleanliness, satisfaction about the machine and quality of the drink. But the most important thing of all is the machine does what it has to do and the recognisable styling invites people to drink a cup of hot Chocomel.

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