Incubator for Dräger Medical

Develop a hybrid incubator that combines open care and closed care, and realize an optimal user-friendly design for all stakeholders.


As an international leader in medical and safety technology, Dräger develops innovative equipment and solutions that are trusted by users all over the world. No matter where Dräger products are used, in clinical, industrial or mining applications, in firefighting or rescuing services: it’s always about protecting, supporting and saving lives.

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Achieving value together

Our role

“Technology for Life” is about taking responsibility for the lives of those who use Dräger products. MMID takes this responsibility very seriously and is honored to be preferred supplier of Dräger since 2012. In 2017 Dräger and MMID have been rewarded with a Red Dot Product Design: Best of the Best Award 2017 and a iF Product Design Award 2017 for the development of the BabyLeoTN500 Incubator.

“The advantage MMID brought to the table was that they not only offer industrial design services, they also provide mechanical development support. It was a new experience for us to work with such a company.”

Markus Hampe

Industrial Design Engineer of Hospital Products at Dräger Medical





Project Management


Project description

In 2011, Dräger Medical asked MMID to partner in the development of a new incubator. Initially, MMID was asked to support on the redesign of the incubator and to test the user interaction. Besides the design of the incubator and the conceptual design of the arm that attaches the hood to the incubator, MMID engineered the hood itself, the four walls of the incubator and the patient bed. The various design teams then worked out the separate projects in detail.


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