Design the motor covers for three Bergamont electric mountain bikes, extending the design language of the bicycle frame to the casing.


Bergamont, a subsidiary of the American company Scott, is a renowned German producer of bicycles developed for the city, leisure or (elite) sport, with a strong focus on design, high quality and performance.

Achieving value together

Our role

Bergamont is a young, innovative company that prefers working with quality driven suppliers and development agencies. MMID has various clients that operate in the bicycle industry. With shared core values such as quality, innovation and cooperation, MMID and Bergamont have a clear connection, which has resulted in an efficient and short development process.

  • Design of the motor covers for three types of mountain bikes, in order to create a uniform look and feel of the bicycle frame;
  • Improvement of the functionality of the covers in the area of robustness and maintenance;
  • Decrease in production costs of the casing by reducing the number of parts.

“MMID and Bergamont speak the same language. MMID has made our vision, to view the e-bike as a whole instead of a collection of separate parts their own. The newly developed casings add to the unity of design of the motor and bicycle frame."

Stefan Wallmann
product designer at Bergamont

Project description

The bicycle market is incredibly dynamic; each spring, all the major brands present new versions of their models. Also, e-bikes are still on the rise, and part of the sales of traditional bicycle shops is moving to online. These ongoing changes demand flexibility, capacity for innovation and rapid development by the producers. MMID has assisted Bergamont in the quick development of three new covers that seamlessly fit the particular look and feel of the bicycles. Besides the design, functionality was improved, and production costs were lowered.



Less parts

During the design process, MMID focused on the seamless integration of the motor, reducing production costs and improving the functionality of the motor covers: what about the cable routing? Can a mechanic reach it easily? Is the casing robust enough? Asking these questions has resulted in a reduction in the number of parts and has increased user friendliness. 


The bicycle industry is a dynamic market with short development processes. This requires quick decision making and excellent cooperation between the developing partners. Due to MMID’s flexible and integral approach, the design process, from initial sketch to final delivery of the CAD files, was reduced to two months.

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