Develop a scale model of the lifting beams of Pioneering Spirit that allows us to measure and control the friction between the beams and the vessel’s deck.


Pioneering Spirit is able to pick up complete topsides and jackets (the top and bottom parts) of offshore oil and gas platforms for installation or removal. For the installation or removal of topsides, Allseas developed a Topsides Lifting System (TLS). During the lifting process, the beams must be able to move freely in every direction, in order to compensate for the movements of the vessel caused by swell, tides, and wind.


This model, scale 1:55, allows Allseas to measure and control the friction between beams and deck, while monitoring vessel movement and the reaction of the Dynamic Positioning (DP) system. The TLS model, containing 32 low-friction bearings, 5 sensors and 11 actuators per beam, was placed on a scale model of  Pioneering Spirit, and tested in a large basin.

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