Develop a user-friendly, modular water-disinfection system that saves energy for the horticulture.


Priva is global market leader in process management and climate control in the international greenhouse horticulture sector. And a leading manufacturer of climate control in the built environment: one in three buildings in the Netherlands is equipped with a Priva climate control system.

Achieving value together

Our role

Priva is an innovative company, with sustainability in the heart of their business ethos. Together with Priva MMID has developed several sustainable solutions.

Project description

In cooperation with MMID, Priva developed a modular water-disinfection system for the horticulture. By using UV-light organisms such as fungi, bacteria and viruses are monitored and rendered harmless. This ensures that irrigation water can be recycled safely on a long-term basis without using chemicals. The smart system uses less energy and is a lot more user-friendly than similar systems.



Modular system

Priva’s Vialux M-Line is a new generation UV-disinfection system which is based on a unique technology: medium-pressure UV. The modular system can easily be adjusted. Depending on the size of the horticulture business 2, 4, 6 or 8 UV-disinfection rooms can be installed. With each system procedure the UV permeability of the process water is monitored to determine the exact settings for the disinfection process. Thus, all harmful organisms are guaranteed to be broken down without wasting energy by overcapacity.

Simple installation and maintenance

With the development of the Priva Vialux M-Line, special care has been given to installation and maintenance. The user can easily change the UV-lamp, quartz tube and UV-sensor himself with the help of a simple, illustrated manual. Only a simple tool is needed.

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