Zero Net Energy solution

Transform post-war social housing to energy neutral homes by the development of a Zero Net Energy system, with the focus on ease of installation, serviceability, reliability and product cost.


Bosch Thermotechnology offers its customers throughout the world solutions for their room climate, domestic hot water and decentralised energy management requirements. Highly efficient technologies which also in many cases use renewable energies and make a significant contribution to implementing the energy transition.

Achieving value together

Our role

MMID is a proud partner of the Bosch Group, a global leader in the development of automotive components, industrial products, security systems and thermotechnology. Together with Bosch MMID defined a modular platform that can be used in a great variety of Dutch houses. By integrating different components and options into one functional unit ease of installation and serviceability is guaranteed.

“An external party means a fresh set of eyes, and that helps you to see the bigger picture.”

Michiel Voskuil
product manager at Bosch/Nefit

Project description

The Netherlands is striving for a low carbon energy supply by 2050. A significant contribution to this goal will come from making the housing stock sustainable. For this, major adaptations are needed, such as additional isolation, solar panels, and energy-efficient installations for central heating, warm water, and ventilation. Together with Bosch/Nefit, MMID came up with a solution for installing sustainable devices in a building as efficient and smart as possible.



Ease of installation

Together MMID and Bosch developed the concept of the Energy Bar, a vertical column which is integrated into the newly isolated front wall of the home. All installation components have been stacked centrally. Thanks to two doors, the column is accessible from the outside to accommodate service technicians, guaranteeing ease of installation and serviceability.


MMID developed two demonstrators of the Energy Bar: the all-electric Energy Bar and the hybrid Energy Bar, which still includes a high yield central heating unit. The hybrid version can be upgraded at a later stage to a gasless climate system. The Energy Bar concept was presented in February 2017 at the the Bouwbeurs (trade fair). In the next months, MMID and Bosch/Nefit worked on two demonstrators that were successfully presented to external and internal stakeholders.


MMID was also asked to accompany Bosch in their marketing communication strategy and supported on storytelling, visualization and the development of a brochure. 

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