Quality: from Renault Zoë to Tesla

The MMID Quality Management system

Quality is about understanding the market, your client and translating their expectations into an excellent design. Only in this way you are able to design the best product. Jaap Fijn, owner of MMID, explains how the Quality Management System of MMID benefits our clients.

Quality policy

Our ultimate goal is to surpass the expectations of our clients. At MMID, we have a very well-structured product development process to guarantee our clients the quality they expect. To surpass their expectations, we have assigned a quality specialist to each project. This quality expert is involved in the content and provides support to the team and the client, when difficult choices need to be made. Next to that, we arranged our process in such a way that every ‘milestone’ finishes with a review. The main focus of the review is to check if our process is being followed. Our Quality Management System meets the ISO system which ensures that our process is being followed accurately and improved continuously. We deliberately chose to separate process and content. The biggest risks can be found in the process. Our main challenge is listening to the client, making sure that we understand the wishes and demands and translating them into an excellent product. Quality is not about delivering the best product, it’s about following the requirements and living up to the clients’ expectations. Don’t design a Tesla if the client wants a Renault Zoë.

Jaap Fijn: “Quality is an indication of excellence which is always under construction. Every MMID employee is involved in how we can improve today, tomorrow and into the future.”


We have adjusted our company processes according to an ISO certified system. This will give our clients the confidence that their development issues will be taken care of in a structured and thus a clear way. It also enables us to live up to the expectations of our clients. Would you like to know more about the MMID-development guarantee? Please feel free to contact us.