Realize your ideas

You have a great development idea but, for whatever reason, you lack the ability to realize it. Sound familiar? Many project managers I’ve worked with over the last few years know this problem. They either lack the manpower to work out new ideas or their other developed projects are more important and so their innovative concept slips further and further down the to-do-list. There are a lot of different reasons, why a good idea is oftentimes not developed to the point where it can be presented to decision-makers.

An external development office like MMID can jump-start your idea.
Critically, that external service provider must do more than simply pick up the challenge, disappear for a couple months while growing the concept, and then present something after a few months. On the contrary: you know your idea better than anyone and it is imperative that the provider stays in touch with you to work out your thought according to the way that you see best. That’s why working closely with our customers is so vital to us at MMID. One of my most important tasks as a project manager was and is to maintain contact and exchange ideas with our partners and clients.

How can we at MMID help give birth to your baby?
I often heard from my clients that they, prior to working with MMID, had nothing concrete to show to their bosses and corporate decision maker. We can visualize your idea and make it visible for the first time, e.g. via sketches, renderings or prototyping. This makes it easier to “sell” the concept internally. It also means that the feedback you get is far more detailed and useful because it’s far easier to speak precisely about a tangible idea than a vague thought.
Beyond giving you something to show to your team, we have different options to ensure that your baby stands on solid and resilient legs.
You and your team are experts in your field. We can contribute know-how from other topics, so that the concept can be rounded off by this cross-over.

If you need support with your development idea, contact us. We are here to help you grow your idea.

Written by Maria Winter, designer at MMID