What we will do together in our workshop

Roadmap Brainstorm

The first step is brainstorming with the entire product team. Talk about the product portfolio and creating a visualization board. The road mapping will help you align with the ideas and determine where your company is and what you can achieve in the future.


Product Analysis

Analysis of the product(s) and development of the company at a product level. This can be used in different segments, industries, and sustainable aspects and to successfully implemente your product strategy.

Product portfolio

We will study the product portfolio and ask ourselves some questions: What is missing?

How are these products involved in the market to commercialize?

Is there a potential product to commercialize in a different market?

Knowledge and Technology

Explore the company knowledge to collect information on how to better implement the company’s technology in the market.

Guide to implement this technology better in different markets or to change this for another industry segment. 

Strategy Planning

Step by step guide in how to build your product sustainable, functional, and deliver the most optimal your product can be.

How much will you need to invest? 

Provide a preparation of consequences and challenges the company will probably face in the process to achieve the pre-set goal.

Deliver On Time - Establish Goals

Determine who should involved in the decision-making and who should implement the road mapping as a collaboration tool, so that it would fit into your exiting work habits.


What we do .

MMID is an international product development agency with over 75 employees based across five locations in the Netherlands, Germany and the USA. We are convinced that flourishing people are the basis for developing excellent and responsible products. Products developed by MMID have a long lifespan, are profitable and valuable to all that interact with them.
With our integrated approach, we help our clients realize these excellent products. Making the function of a product the center of attention, we can guarantee that our products are very easy to use, durable and therefor extremely sustainable. By working closely together with our clients and combining strengths of specialists we create products that make people flourish: achieving value together.