Robust housing high voltage test device

Makes users happy

Detecting voltage quickly and securely at feeders, converters and overhead power lines will save lives. Together with Rudolph Tietzsch GmbH MMID developed a robust housing of their MultiSafe HS 36, a two-pole voltage tester for AC and DC voltages.


2 in 1

Thomas Brahe, Look & Feel designer at MMID: “There were several interesting requirements that we had to consider in this particular project. Safety and quality of the product were off course our number one priorities. Tietzsch asked us to develop the housing for their new high voltage tester “MultiSafe HS 36”. Next to the security and quality of the product, there was another important requirement. The new housing had to be combined with a telescope and we had to integrate a special feature, which is a display. The device can be used to test electricity in several ways, like for instance measuring above your head or in front of you. Therefor we had to design the housing in such a way that the display is visible from different points of view. We integrated two similar shaped openings in the housing, where the display can be mounted. Because of the angled position, Tietzsch can realize two different products, using the same housing parts.


Improved visibility

When testing, voltage is signalized by LED indication and the value is shown digital on the LCD. Thomas: “Another challenge was to improve the visibility of the indicator that shows if there is electricity on the line or not. In the former product there was only a small LED placed above the display, which indicates if the situation is safe or dangerous. The visibility of this LED was not always clear. During the development process it was decided to improve the situation, by implementing a light guide in the product, which makes the indication visible from all sides (360°). The light guide is placed between the two housing parts and can light up in red (DANGER) and green (SAFE). Of course, this had a huge influence on the water tightness of the product, which we solved.”

Easy to assemble

For over 60 years Rudolph Tietzsch GmbH & Co. KG manufactures and supplies testing and measurement devices. All products are made in Germany. Thomas: “We limited the amount of parts by integrating the housing in the telescope, improved the usage of the product and realized a product which is easier to assemble then the existing device. Personally, I am very proud of the final result. The Multisafe HS 36 is a safe and robust product which fulfills all its requirements and has a styling that meets the demands of the future products from Tietzsch.