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MMID has designed many ventilation units in the past twenty years, and we would like to share our experience with you. We have selected the most relevant topics The ventilation design Insights will be discussed in our upcoming Speed date by our senior designers expert in ventilation Eric van der Voort & Jaiji Zhao.

✅ Distinguishing your product from competitors

✅ Future trends in housing and building

✅ Legislation guiding your product’s development process

✅ Dealing with conflicting requirements

✅ Making cost-efficient choices in your design process

✅ Difference in legislation in the EU and the US



Download now! MMID Whitepaper Ventilation System Design: 8 best practices.

How can you ensure that your company stands out among competitors in the rapidly changing world of legislation regarding the building industry?  In MMID’s whitepaper Ventilation System Design, eight best practices regarding ventilation system design are broken down to guide you in the pursuit of designing great products.
Derived from an interview with MMID’s expert in ventilation: Senior designer Eric van der Voort

Table of Contents ->

  • Using expanded polypropylene
  • Focusing on noise reduction
  • Sourcing  the best components & suppliers
  • Being conscious  about heat efficiency versus energy efficiency
  • Being aware of leak tightness
  • Thinking about the user installation
  • Thinking about the user: Keeping it simple
  • Using a basic set-up

Learn more in your landing page -> https://mmid-group.com/mmid-whitepaper-ventilation-system

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