Sponsoring new talent

Sietske Visser on the road to Tokyo

Giving young, enthusiastic and talented people, who are bursting with energy and have a clear goal, a chance to develop themselves, is something very important to MMID. Outside MMID there are many of these youngsters, including those in sports. MMID sponsors several of these ambitious young people. Talented people like Sietske Visser, who studies Industrial Design at the Technical University in Delft and combines her Master Integrated Product Design with Archery. Sietske is part of the Dutch Archery Team and is currently preparing herself for the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020, MMID supports Sietske on her way to Tokyo.

Sietske: “The summer has come to an end and autumn has just started. The Lowlands final was my last outdoor game. I made it to the last 8 finalists, but unfortunately the match did not work out the way I hoped it too. I just graduated two weeks before the match and tried to control my shooting after a very stressful period of graduation. Maybe I tried too hard. Training and repetition, gives you a feeling of confidence, but it could also work against you when your body needs something else, like rest. Looking back, I shouldn’t have tried so hard. It would’ve been better if I just trusted my capability and skills. Which is a lesson learned for me. It is very important to have faith in myself and what I am capable of, because I worked hard to get there. This ‘self-confidence’ is something that I am working on.”

1st indoor competition

In the meantime, some weeks have passed, and we are looking back at the first indoor game. Sietske: “The first day I had to catch up a bit and on the second day, I felt more comfortable in the game. After five series, I was in a tie with my opponent (and team mate) and we had to ‘shoot off’. Basically, this means that we each had to shoot an arrow in the middle of the target, and the one who is closest, wins the match.  We were standing on the meet and my opponent hit the 10. I aimed and shot my arrow in the 10 as well. We both managed to hit the middle of the target, reaching the maximum amount of points. However, my arrow was closest to the cross in the middle of the target, but on the wrong card! I wasn’t alert and shot the arrow automatically in the top card instead of the middle one. So, I didn’t make it to the finals and had to battle for a bronze medal.  In the end I made it to the 3rd place on both days, which is a nice result for this first competition weekend.”