The summer of Sietske Visser


Giving enthusiastic young, talented people, who are bursting with energy and have a clear goal, a chance to develop themselves is something which is very important to MMID. Outside MMID there are also many of these youngsters, including those in sports. MMID sponsors several of these ambitious young people. Talented people like Sietske Visser, who studies industrial design at the Technical University in Delft and combines her Master Integrated Product Design with Archery. Sietske is part of the Dutch Archery Team and is currently preparing herself for the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020, MMID supports Sietske her on her way to Tokyo.

Sietske: “I spent almost whole summer on my graduation project. And not without succes. On August 30th, I graduated as an MSc in Industrial Design Engineering. The last couple of months I focused on the Dutch Championships and the Lowlands series. Unfortunately, the Dutch Championships did not the way I planned them to be. The qualifications were great with a 5th position in ranking, this lead to a ‘bye’ in 1/16 final, which means that I was automatically placed for the 1/8 finals. However, in the 1/8 finals I lost in an early stage. The pressure of the graduation and getting up at 5 AM in the weekend of the games resulted in a lack of energy at the day of the Dutch Championships. I had more luck at the Lowlands series in Purmerend, where I ranked 4th and placed myself for the Lowlands Final, where the best 8 shooters of all games challenge each other for a gold medal. This is the last important game for me this summer. After this game, my focus will shift to the indoor season and will I need to think about the rest of my career!”.