Sustainability equals cost price

How to reach your sustainability goals and a cost reduction

“Sustainable products are expensive”, is something you hear very often. In fact, the opposite is true. It’s no rocket science. Less material, less electronics, less assembly time and smaller transport volumes are very likely to have a positive effect on the cost price and thus to the business case. Curious how we can help you to reach your sustainability goals and a cost reduction?

Jeroen Oomen, Producibility designer and sustainability specialist at MMID: “As a product developing company we are responsible for what we are creating. Why sustainability is needed in product development is not the question anymore. Marketing value is changing into customer satisfaction and regulations are not voluntarily anymore. The question is: ‘How to make the step towards creating more sustainable products?’

Jeroen Oomen: “We are responsible for what we are creating.”

MMID eco steps

Sustainability at MMID is about developing products that have a long lifespan and which are valuable to all that interact with them. Jeroen explains: “In the last decade we have been developing and fine-tuning the MMID eco steps to help our customers reaching their sustainable goals. In the process we gained a lot of knowledge and learned from our mistakes. We like to be pragmatic and create real concepts instead of paper work. We developed several tools, like ‘Idea cards’, that we use in brainstorm sessions and we perform quick ‘Hot spot Life cycle analyses’ to make a good comparison between different conceptual designs. Tools like these help us to develop products on many different levels of sustainability, ranging from close-to-home concepts to innovative products with circular business models. Together with our clients we make choices that fit the client’s wishes and are also feasible within the time frame and budget of the project.” Would you like to know more about the tools that will help you to reach your sustainability goals? Please contact us!