Three product launches at the VSK fair

Visit the trade fair for installation technologies

The VSK fair will take place in Utrecht, The Netherlands, from 6-9 February. It is the most important trade fair for installation technologies in The Netherlands, where you can find new systems, techniques and products in the field of heating, plumbing, climate control and refrigeration technology.

An important trade show for MMID as well, since no less than three of our clients are launching products we have developed together in the last year. Jeroen Oomen, Producibility Designer at MMID, explains why we are active in this particular market.

Simplify a complex product

Jeroen: “In my opinion the main reason that we asked often for projects in the installation market, is that we are very capable of translating complex techniques of for instance heat recovery systems or heat pumps to user-friendly products. The types of products often have a layered system that communicates with different users. The deeper you dive into the system, the more complex it will be. The top layer will appear to the end-user as a consumer product, the installer is supported with seamless installation and maintenance and service engineers have easy access to the right components thanks to the modularity of the product. Developing smart solutions and making the right choices in materials enable us to reach higher specifications and a competitive price.

Guidelines for energy neutral building

As from the 1st of January 2021 new build homes need to comply with guidelines for energy neutral building according to the European Energy Performance Building Directive. These guidelines and regulations have a lot of consequences for the installation market. Jeroen: “Many of our clients see opportunities for new or redesigned products that help (future) homeowners to meet these requirements. Isolation, ventilation, generation of sustainable energy are topics that we work on as our daily business. We understand this changing market very well and we can advise and support our clients with their innovations. Next to this, it is also one of my personal passions. I managed to make my own seventies home almost completely energy neutral. ”

Meet us at the fair

Would you like to know which innovations will be introduced at the VSK? Keep an eye out for future newsletters, or meet Jeroen at the fair.