Time management and creative millennials

We finish what we’ve started!

MMID is a creative product development firm. With a team of around 80 creatives we are pursuing the same goal, which is developing excellent products that make people flourish. With the owners being the older guys, averaging 50, it is clear that we are working with large group of young and mid-aged creative talents, most of them in their late twenties and thirties. The so-called millennials, as they are being described or even stigmatized in the media. Millennials are truly great to work with, as they are extremely tech-savvy, they have a strong self-esteem, they are loyal, work hard, are competitive and very ambitious. This matches perfectly with our goals and ambitions, which is creating a steered bottom-up organization at MMID.

Steered bottom-up
Our staff is highly motivated, independent and very optimistic. In a bottom-up organization like MMID, management is not controlling or directing the daily life of our developers. They plan their activities themselves and by doing so, they are providing the management with the data and tools that we need to control the company. Our staff is in control of their own planning. For this we developed our own ERP-system, simply because we were not able to find a suitable bottom-up system for our company. Our ERP-system (which we call Juice) helps us tremendously in being in control, handling more than 200 innovation projects per year.

Effective time management
The most important factor in being successful, when bottom-up, is that our staff can manage their time. Effective time management has always been a difficult skill to learn and manage for every professional. For millennials however, it is even more challenging, although they are used to having very full and controlled schedules in daily life and at work. For them, the biggest pitfall is to overschedule themselves, leaving little time to finish what was started.

Learning by doing
In an organization like MMID, where people need to plan their own activities and reschedule these activities due to normal daily life dynamic circumstances, this a huge challenge. We are making sure that our staff is trained how to manage their time and how to structure their activities. In our group with specialists, the project managers, that control our product innovation process, are training our staff. Our project management academy coordinator Fedor Kadiks created the tools that help us understanding the concept of time management. In his Time Management Academy course, he describes the main route from the set goals to the desired results and the tasks needed to achieve those results. Handling your personal time management, is something you can learn by doing. It will bring you control and allows you to feel at ease while working. Learning by doing is the basic vision and set up of the MMID Academy. Would you like to learn more? Please contact us.