How to ensure speed & accuracy of use under extreme conditions?

The Dräger Oxylog was created for pre-hospital emergency care as an innovative ventilation solution with an excellent user experience.


The key to making the Oxylog a success was finding a balance between size, weight, and sturdiness. The product had to be compatible with various sizes of oxygen bottles, while remaining compact enough for use in emergencies at various types of locations. An important part of this project was to thoroughly research the use contexts for the device. Understanding those scenarios resulted in a design that is safe to use in both pre-and in hospital care. The battery of the Oxylog is easy to replace and recharge, and the clear contrasts and use of colors support an intuitive interaction between operator and machine. In emergency settings, it is all about speed.

“Develop in the area of pre-hospital emergency care an innovative ventilation solution whereby the focus lies on user reassurance, robustness, size-weight and transportation. ”

Bastiaan Soltész

Designer Specialist

“The variety of use-cases and configurations makes Oxylog a unique product satisfying demanding requirements. It integrates a variety of functions in a modular product while maintaining simplicity. Robustness combined with modularity has been challenging throughout the development process.”

Fabian Lotties

Senior Designer Producibility & Assembly

The Importance of User Testing for Medical Products: Emphasizing Clarity


The user experience goes far beyond a graphic interface and appropriate ergonomics.

Although healthcare professionals are trained, clarity in the use of medical products is essential to enable them to work with precision and maintain an efficient workflow. We also need to take into account the various user types regarding medical products. This is not only professionals, but can also be elderly people using a device themselves or people with chronic illnesses. Every type of user has specific needs and every use case has its specific user journey. User testing will ensure a proper understanding needed to define the right requirements of the product.

“For the designers, it’s so obvious, they worked and designed the product. But then we realize that for the users, the instructions are sometimes not logical at all” (Nathalie Korbee)

In the user context of the Oxylog, very specific needs became clear while interviewing the primary users. It appeared that a mobile ventilator is used under extreme conditions. For example by rescue professionals in situations where every second counts and there is no conditioned hospital environment. Despite being obviously a very reliable device, it should also work very intuitive and needs to comply with the special requirements regarding the mobile use. By means of user testing we could iterate in a short period of time towards a solid set of requirements, that where in a later stage checked once more in further user testing.

There are various tools available to facilitate user understanding. A tool we often use is interviewing real users where we apply our years of experience to get to the core of the needs and issues. With the gathered insights we can set-up user testing to check assumptions and possible design directions in practice, in an early stage of the product development process.

Once we have very sharp what provides the best user journey, we can blend this in the integral design, since also technical functionality, a product appearance that matches both brand and product identity and a proper cost-price should be covered.

Early stage usability testing

Rewarded by RedDot!

The Red Dot Design Award: Dräger Oxylog® VE300.

The Dräger Oxylog VE300

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