Over 70 unique personalities.
16 nationalities.
Same passion.

Mindset of excellence

Products that work excellent for all involved users make our clients successful. We have built up a company culture where this is our daily focus.

Our vision on excellent products is that they are meaningful, long-lasting and well-functioning for all users. They are the benchmark in their playing field. Over the last 30 years we have learned that the key to creating such products is being people oriented with the right level of soft skills. With our 5 locations in Europe and the United States, we are close to our clients and their clients, supporting them in reaching the finish line. And the next one…

A diverse team with a conscious fit

MMID is comprised of a diverse team with one commodity: we are all passionate professionals. We work structured, we communicate openly and we are very targeted. Decisions about how we work together and what we can improve are made consciously very day. We don’t cut corners, but we make the choice to steer in whatever direction will provide the biggest long-term impact for our clients and users. This is the culture we are proud of! We like to call it no-nonsense.

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