Grip on complex matter: following a structured innovation process

Integrated Product Development

All product development projects have one stable factor: the unknown. Uncertainty is an inherent part of innovation. Being designers, not having every single fact laid out on beforehand makes us thrives as product developers. We embrace the freedom as it allows for novelty. Without losing grip on the process.

LUCID Integrated Product Development

To be able to work with these unknowns and turn them into freedom, structure is needed. We acknowledged that 30 years ago and have never stopped finetuning our LUCID innovation process since. We use LUCID every day, and it proves itself to be a structured innovation process that perfectly fits every product development project we do. From single-stage to full-blown projects, LUCID allows for full flexibility of tailoring the process to the specific needs of our clients. LUCID tells our customers and ourselves where we are and where to go.

Babyleo project by MMID medical device

The basis of LUCID is Integrated Product Development. Together with the customer, product developers from all Fields of Expertise work together as one team throughout the entire process. Having everyone involved and in agreement with the bigger picture, ensures that a product design can be good-looking, fully functional, user-friendly and producible at the right cost price; all at the same time. The qualities of both our process and our people enable us to promise our customers excellent products that will be successful in their markets for many years.


How we work

Within our main competence of Integrated Product Development, we have built up underlaying competences covered by all relevant Fields of Expertise, such as UX, Functionality & System, Producibility & Assembly, Electronics & Software and Look & Feel.

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Producibility & Assembly
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