• Top 5 Bathroom Trends in 2023: Insights from ISH Frankfurt Trade Fair

    bathroom trends ish fair 2023

Top 5 Bathroom Trends in 2023

At the ISH, the world’s leading trade fair for the bathroom industry, we delved into the latest bathroom trends.

As we navigated the exhibition, we discovered several key themes and developments.

bathroom trends influencer

1. The Era of Influencer Bathrooms

Numerous bathrooms displayed designs that were highly “Instagrammable,” transforming them into photographic studios. This trend diverges from the traditional focus on creating a bathroom as a wellness space and instead presents visually striking, showcase areas. Fixtures and fittings have moved beyond conventional colors and shapes such as silver, gold, and black. Now, wooden elements and gemstones are incorporated to achieve a unique, influencer-worthy aesthetic.

bathroom trends color

2. Colorful Earth Tones

Color use was prevalent, with earth tones like green, brown, and yellow taking center stage. These colors were often displayed in more subdued shades, fostering a sense of harmony and sophistication. The overall aesthetic brings us back to the 1960s and 1970s, as earth tones and similar design elements dominate the scene. Although it is challenging to envision how these retro-inspired bathrooms would fit into a typical home or appeal to the average consumer, we are curious what impact this trend will have.

bathroom trends design

3. Experience Design and Wellness

A shift towards experience design is occurring within the traditional realm of wellness. It’s not just about visual appeal anymore. Scents and visuals are now incorporated to provide an optimal experience. The engineering within showers is gradually slowing down, as the requirements for showers remain relatively basic – people mainly want to get wet and clean. The market has proven that there is no great demand anymore for irrelevant shower add-ons.

bathroom trends innovation

4. Innovations in Toilet Manufacturing

At the ISH Fair, there wasn’t a single company that stood out significantly from the rest; however, Duravit caught the most attention. They introduced a plastic toilet bowl with a unique cover, which allows for the application of patterns and various colors. The question remains whether this will become a significant trend. Porcelain, after all, is much easier to clean and more durable. The fact that toilet design is no longer confined to porcelain is a major eye-opener and may potentially lead to increased innovation within the traditionally rigid market.

bathroom trends mirror

5. Unaddressed Trends

Mirror design has experienced minimal innovation, but ring lights and smart mirrors continue to gain momentum. Smart mirrors with touchscreens for customizing light settings are increasingly widespread, yet breakthrough innovations in this sector are still few and far between. Moreover, the market has yet to embrace sustainability as a leading trend in bathroom design, as it remains caught between the “Instagrammable” and “wellness” phases.

bathroom trends sustainability


The ISH Fair showcased a variety of bathroom design trends that cater to different tastes and preferences. From the visually appealing “Influencer” bathrooms to the retro earth tones, designers continue to push boundaries and explore new concepts. Despite the focus on experience design and wellness, there is still room for innovation, particularly in mirror design and sustainability. As the market evolves and consumers become more environmentally conscious, it is likely that future trends will reflect a fusion of aesthetic appeal, wellness, and (we obviously think) sustainability. By keeping an eye on these emerging trends, industry professionals can better anticipate and meet the demands of an ever-changing consumer landscape, ultimately creating bathroom spaces that are both functional and inspiring.

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