• Reimagining Medical Nutrition: MMID’s Innovative Collaboration with Nutricia

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Crafting Patient-Centric Solutions for Home-Based Nutritional Care

Addressing Specialized Nutritional Needs

Nutricia, a leader in medical nutrition, faced the challenge of developing products for individuals who cannot swallow normally. Together with Nutricia MMID developed an innovative solution that involved a system with a pump and tube, designed to efficiently deliver liquid nutrition directly to the stomach, catering to a critical health need.

patient centered nutritional solution
innovative nutritional care solution

Designing with the Patient in Mind

The uniqueness of Nutricia’s product lies in its patient-centered design. Recognizing the transition from hospital to home care for many patients, The product that is accessible for consumers, not just medical personnel. This included considerations for transport, home usability, and a user-friendly interface, ensuring ease of use in various settings.

medical nutrition innovation design 2
medical nutrition innovation design
medical nutrition innovation design

Navigating Global Market Complexities

Starting on this project, we confronted diverse international market challenges. At MMID we are not afraid to act and go abroad to observe our target group. Through this extensive research, we found that product usage and procurement varied widely across countries. This discovery informed the product’s adaptability in design and engineering, making it resilient and versatile for different global markets.

MMID’s Role in Accelerating Innovation

With MMID’s short time to market it was able to transform Nutricia’s concept into a market-ready product very quickly. The rapid translation of market research into product design significantly shortened the development timeline. MMID’s approach goes beyond traditional research, focusing on transforming initial ideas into concrete product requirements and final products, embodying technical excellence and collaborative innovation.


This case study illustrates MMID’s commitment to understanding and meeting end-user needs, a testament to our approach towards challenges as opportunities for creative solutions. Our dedication to fast market entry, user-centric design, and crafting benchmark products demonstrates our value to potential partners, highlighting our ethos of transforming challenges into innovative solutions with lasting impact.

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