• MMID Sports Event

    mmid sports event

Celebrating our new brand identity with a sports event!

‘We asked all team members to set a challenging sportive goal and try to crush it during our sports event. The main focus was on fun, with performance as a good second,’ explains Tom Delfos.

Last week the MMID sports event was held in celebration of the new brand identity including our new website and pay-off ‘conscious fit’.

Tom explains further: ‘Colleagues could choose to set goals related to hiking, cycling, mountainbiking, or running. Many colleagues trained hard for the event, and it definitely created an ambience of helping and motivating each other at the office. We cannot say it did not cause some (healthy) competition as well, though… The way many approached the sports event is reflective of how we operate at MMID; targeted, ambitious and engaged. The sports event relates to our focus for the coming years, as MMID places a lot of importance on both the physical and mental health of our people. Many of us at MMID pursue physical activity in their free time and like to bond over this common interest outside of work. So what better way to celebrate our new identity than with sports?’

-> Have a look at the video to check the vibe yourself!

mmid company sports event

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