• Product launch: the new Bosch Nefit propane heat pump!

    product launch heat pump

This concept will be a statement in making serial housing more sustainable.

At the upcoming VSKbeurs, Nefit Bosch will introduce their new propane heat pump, a nifty new design chimney that houses a state-of-the-art propane heat pump.

The integrated design and its innovative features are what make us at MMID proud of the co-development of this rooftop application. For one, the design allows for a placement higher up the roof, to blend in with the chimneys and respect the original landscape as much as possible. Also, unlike traditional heat pumps that exist of various parts, this all-in-one design can easily be installed in one go. In addition, we accounted for a wide array of rooftop variations throughout the development process, such as angle, roof covering, accessibility, and height, to simplify the processes of installation and maintenance. In the end, this silent and sustainable all-in-one design is a game-changer for installers, maintenance technicians, and homeowners.

Curious? The heat pump will be officially launched on VSK 2022, which is from the 17th until the 20th of May. You can have a look there! Would you be interested in making the next step towards a sustainable innovation? Please contact Nynke Daane

product launch heat pump

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